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The report also mentioned that the trading volumes climbed $4.7 billion during the quarter, showing a 137% growth from the preceding quarter. In addition to this, the development of user-friendly marketplaces and improved infrastructure contributed to growing sales. For example, Blend, a new peer-to-peer perpetual lending platform, made over $442 million in sales in May. Launched on May 1, Blur now represents 65% of the overall NFT market share, as reported by Fortune.

There’s risk involved in every investment and even more so in NFT investments. However, investing in historically stable companies that are moving further into the NFT space allows you to begin NFT investing while minimizing the gamble that comes with it. As a new blockchain technology, NFTs could likely follow similar trends as the volatile value of cryptocurrency. Minor and unpredictable events lead to significant changes in the value of many cryptocurrencies. For instance, tweets from Elon Musk have altered both Bitcoin and Dogecoin’s value by as much as 11%. Jenna Gleespen is a published author and copywriter specializing in personal and investment finance.

Former Disney CEO, Bob Iger shared his thoughts on whether NFTs have lasting value in the marketplace. Holding stock in an NFT-related company brings greater diversity to your investments. The NFT stocks list below can help you find the right stocks to add to your portfolio. As you can see, it’s unclear whether or not NFTs and NFT stocks will in fact be a great long-term investment. With this information, keep in mind the following tips in order to make a well-informed decision about this potential asset. Since these NFTs are so expensive, they aren’t accessible to the average consumer.

The company has seen strong growth in large-customer acquisition recently. The company is off to a strong start in 2023, with Q1 sales and earnings estimates exceeding analysts’ expectations. Zacks Equity Research upgraded its recommendation to “buy” on March 20. In contrast, finding the best NFT stocks, timing, and investment management are simpler. This is because NFT stocks are publicly traded companies, which means you can research the company’s financial details before investing.

A Closer Look at the Best NFT Stocks to Buy

According to Jefferies analyst Stephanie Wissink, Funko, Inc. (FNKO) has been upgraded to “Buy” from “Hold” with a price target of $25, compared to $21 on August 31. The analyst was increasingly confident about the company’s 10%-plus medium-term growth profile and its business trajectory. In a research note on January 13, Truist analyst Barry Jonas lowered the price target on DraftKings Inc. to $30 from $50 and kept a Hold rating on the shares. The analyst notes that despite DraftKings’ position as a best-in-class pure-play online operator, sentiment has turned negative due to rising interest rates and tax rates. To gain exposure to the NFT sector, finding the best NFT stocks to buy and investing in them can be a simple way to get involved.

Obviously, not every painting sells for $1 million, but some people believe some paintings might be worth that much. On any platform, though, you’ll need a crypto wallet to get started buying NFTs. Some NFT marketplaces, such as Nifty Gateway and NBA Top Shot, accept credit cards for NFT payments. But many other NFT marketplaces may require cryptocurrency to make purchases. On the other hand, anyone can hypothetically list anything on a decentralized marketplace.

  • Investment in this stock could allow you to balance the security of a long-term, proven company, with the high-value creating potential of NFTs.
  • PLBY Group, formerly Playboy Enterprises, is a global media and lifestyle company synonymous with luxury and iconic branding.
  • The company engages in consumer lifestyle goods and content, including clothing.
  • The stock price consensus on Wall Street is a strong “buy” and suggests an upside of over 80% for the stock over the next 12 months.

The benefit of investing in Shopify NFTs is the possibility of selling them in various ways. You can use credit cards, gateways, or cryptocurrency, among other methods. The marketplace is said to leverage the experience of Dolphin Entertainment’s marketing prowess while using FTX’s know-how in the crypto space.

Reasons To Invest In PayPal Stock

According to OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, monthly sales volumes for NFTs reached a record high in June, totaling $160 million. Takung Art, which has been thriving amid the NFT growth, will introduce an NFT marketplace. Additionally, the business will offer enterprises involved in the release of NFTs blockchain-based consulting services. In e-commerce, it’s a viable investment opportunity because of its exceptional experience.

Since then, the company has expanded its operations as far as NFTs can go. It has collaborated with famous artists like Shantell Martin, including SuperRare and Metaverse events in Decentraland. TokenWave developed the TokenHead app that’s useful for tracking NFTs. This app can show over 10 million NFTs and is available for Android and OS users. It boasts a daily traffic of about 100,000 visits, highlighting it as a real game-changer in NFT stocks.

(2023-2031) Non-Fungible Token(NFT) Market Innovations – Benzinga

(2023- Non-Fungible Token(NFT) Market Innovations.

Posted: Wed, 13 Sep 2023 16:43:55 GMT [source]

With the current momentum, it’s safe to say that NFTs aren’t going anywhere, and investing in established companies such as McDonald’s and eBay is a relatively safe way to get exposure to them. The more speculative stocks, on the other hand, could take off at some point — or prove worthless in the long run. Some companies already have NFT marketplaces in place, and others are still planning. Therefore, it’s safer to choose a company already in the NFT market but doesn’t rely solely on it for revenue.

NFT stocks can be a good investment if you choose a unique solution company. However, as you can see in the list above, the best NFT stocks are all in different stages. Investing in NFTs may be appealing to some investors, but many investors prefer to focus on NFT stocks. In addition, investing can be difficult to find the right NFT, piece of artwork, player card, domain name, or music clip.

Over the years, he’s written editorial and marketing pieces for many of the world’s leading financial newsletters and publications. His main investing interests are technology, blockchain and cryptocurrency. If you have an eye for art, music, etc., and you enjoy collecting, dabbling in NFT investing might make sense for you. These tokens are built and managed on a blockchain, the same digital ledger technology system utilized by Bitcoin (BTC 1.24%) and other types of cryptocurrencies.

Top NFT Stocks 2023 List

That means investors need to take time to understand what they’re buying when they buy an NFT and to consider what they believe the value of that NFT will be. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, NFTs could even represent a deed to physical property, a user’s medical records, proof of ownership or proof of attendance. These things may not be as easily transferable from one owner to another, but they could each occupy their own unique space on a blockchain.

Of course, if your NFT is a piece of art, you can print physical copies of it or store the digital image, but the NFT you own is only the token ID. You don’t own the rights to the image or the original image itself unless those ownership rights are specified in your contract. An NFT can be any digital asset like a piece of art, music, video, or object within a video game.

How To Buy The Best NFT Stocks On eToro – Step By Step

Liquid Media positions itself as a business solutions powerhouse in the entertainment world. With Fandor, the company aims at releasing limited editions of classic films. In other NFT news, a company called Wizard Brands launched its own NFTs. What makes the speculation stronger is the fact that Wizard Brands holds a minority stake in the streaming service CONtv, which in turn is managed by Cinedigm. For many, Twitter might not be the first company that comes into their minds when they think about cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

nft stocks to buy

PLBY Group produces pleasure and leisure products to promote happier and healthier lives. The company is responsible for the Playboy brand, generating billions of dollars from over 180 countries worldwide. Earnings per diluted share rose by 20% to $0.23 as a result of a 31% increase in net income. Operations may be complicated, but Cloudflare’s industry analysis in strategic management financials are considerably easier to grasp. The ability of Cloudflare to continuously construct products on top of its network has significantly increased its total addressable market. A major accomplishment for any micro-cap public business, it finally reached a working capital surplus with more cash on hand than all outstanding debt.

Some popular Funko Pops designs feature Marvel characters, Disney characters, Harry Potter characters, and major sports stars. Because of its charming and unique design, many consumers have already collected Funko products. With little under $1 billion in expected yearly revenue this year, Cloudflare is still in the very early stages of its growth story. Overall, Cloudflare is an incredibly successful SaaS company that will continue to see steady business as the NFT craze continues. Video streaming has become the norm, and Cloudflare services are in high demand.

High Risk, High Reward NFT Stocks

Her expertise is in financial product reviews and stock market education. Its products encompass clothing lines for men and women, with jewelry and sports gear accessories. In October, PLBY launched its Rabbitars program with over 11,900 unique rabbit-themed NFTs. The site currently gives the option to pay in cash or common cryptocurrencies. The agreement should support eBay’s initiatives geared toward collectibles. Recently, the business introduced a vault service to safeguard the tangible belongings of its clients, including priceless sports cards.

They sold classic cars from their archive, including Boneshaker, Twin Mill, and Deora II. If they achieve a good result, they may boost their NFT sales, giving them an edge in the NFT boom. Mattel announced its intention to expand into the NFT market earlier this year, which piqued the interest of analysts at JP Morgan. Mattel Creations intends to auction three digital art pieces as NFTs on its website. This is because businesses and consumers are increasingly moving online, but web security is also more important now than ever before.

  • James Woodson Davis’ Woodson Capital Management is Funko, Inc.’s largest shareholder, owning 4.2 million shares worth $77.6 million.
  • There’s an expansive range of NFTs to choose from, with some extremely valuable.
  • Obviously, not every painting sells for $1 million, but some people believe some paintings might be worth that much.

For example, its Motoclub NFT sales reached over $95,000 in a Barrett-Jackson’s Auction in 2021. While NFTs and cryptocurrency share blockchain technology, it’s important to note that they are distinct concepts. NFTs are non-fungible, possessing unique properties, whereas cryptocurrency is fungible, allowing one unit to be exchanged for another without any change in value.

Besides selling and buying Funko Pops, Funko Pop collectors can now also buy the corresponding NFTs. After Funko bought a majority of the stake in TokenWave, its stock rose significantly in the NFT market. Liquid Media Group offers global studio services for companies and consumers in film, TV, gaming, and VR. For this reason, the company CEO thinks that NFTs would be a strategy worthy of exploring.

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The brand is well known for its trendy character toys with big heads. Various designs are already in high demand and resell for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Packs of art start at $10, and some buyers will also receive a coin for a physical toy with their purchase. As a result, many companies are looking at ways to increase their revenue streams through this industry due to its huge potential. To access leverage in your eToro trading ticket, click on the “leverage” button.

Music NFT Market Insights Research Report [2023-2030] 119 Pages – Benzinga

Music NFT Market Insights Research Report [2023-2030] 119 Pages.

Posted: Wed, 13 Sep 2023 17:14:14 GMT [source]

Analysts predict strong returns for Coinbase stock over the next twelve months, with a median forecast of 86.3% and a high-end forecast of 306.5%. The lowest-end forecasts predict an 8.5% decrease in the value of COIN stock. Disney stock is one of the most consistently well-performing stocks in the market.

Part of the allure of NFTs comes from creators — artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, and the like — who can guarantee the authenticity of their work and monetize it as NFTs. Anyone can turn a digital asset into an NFT (or “mint” it) and sell it on a marketplace. Once you own an NFT, the digital asset is (usually) yours to do with as you please. You can keep it as a collectible, display it for others to see, or use it as part of a larger digital project. These fees can fluctuate based on the blockchain network the NFT uses since the blockchain computing needed to verify the NFT consumes energy, known as a “gas fee.” The non-fungible token industry has seen exponential growth that shows no sign of slowing down.

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